• check before you enter: we are allowing one customer in the shop at a time
  • wear a mask (unless you are exempt)
  • sanitise your hands when you enter, and only touch products you want to buy
  • make a list and shop quickly (the images below might help you prepare)
  • if you have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has please do not come to the shop
  • consider placing an order in advance by phone or email for same day collection

How to ‘Click & Collect’

Make your shopping list as clear as you can – eg not ‘cashews’, but 125g whole cashews: we have 5 different packs to choose from! The images below should help. Not everything is there yet: more will be added.

If your list is short, or you have queries, please phone us on: 01749 814811

If your list is longer, please email it to: (note Ymail, not Gmail!) and include your phone number.

Please order in the morning if possible for collection later that day.

Don’t forget to collect: we don’t have much space to store your order!

You will need to come in the shop briefly to pay and collect your goods, and can add items to your order then if you wish.

Many of our products are shown below.
More images will be added.
Please click on any image for a better view.

Nuts & seeds
Seeds & dried fruits
Dried fruit
Chocolates, museli bars, halva, liquorice, sweets
Sweets, dried fruits, chocolates, biscuits

Cereals & grains
Rice & oats
Sugars & flours
Snacks basket 1
Snack basket 2
Chips & snacks
Crispbreads & rye bread
Drinks, toasts, biscuits, baking products, polenta, alternative sweetners

Specialty flours
Gluten free, muesli, granola
Teas: Clipper & Yogi
Teas: Dragonfly, Essential, Heath & Heather, Dr Stuart’s & Pukka
Pukka teas (continued)
More teas, chais, rooibos, matcha
Coffees 1
Coffee, cocoa, hot chocolate
Coffee alternatives
Cakes & savoury spreads
Oatcakes, crackers, crisp breads, rye breads
Nut & seed butters
Jams, jellies, spreads
Honey, syrup, molasses
Yeast extract, hulled / ground seed mixes, protein powders, rescue remedy, herbal tinctures & homeopathic remedies
Chocolates, butters, new products, over flows, special offers
Wellness shelf 1
Wellness shelf 2
Wellness shelf 3
Wellness shelf 4
Specialty oils
Small packs of herbs & spices
Spices by weight – whole & ground
Herbs & spices by weight (more behind – ask if you can’t see)
Local apple juices, condiments, dried mushrooms, chestnuts, dates, eggs
Fruit & veg juices, tinned & bottled fruits, purees
Soft drinks, cordials, bottled waters (glass not plastic)
Fruit juice cartons, dairy free drinks & creams
Oat drinks, coconut water, plant based drinks
Nut, pea, seed, soya, & rice drinks
Dried beans, peas, lentils, legumes, breadcrumbs, noodles
Dhals (dried & tinned), tinned beans & lentils
All sort of tomato products: purees, dried, ketchups, tinned, passata
Bouillon powder & cubes, gravy, salt, seasonings
Noodles, pasta, nut loaves, falafel, burger, sausage, and stuffing mixes
Pasta shapes, including spelt, buckwheat, chickpea, lentil, rice, & maize pastas
More pastas, noodles, spaghettis, tagliatelle, orzo
Japanese foods, soy sauce, miso, seaweeds, sushi ingredients, tofu (fresh tofu in fridge)
Vegetable oils, coconut milk, sauces, pastes, seasonings
More sushi ingredients, rice paper, pappadums
Dish and laundry washing liquids & powders
Household cleaning products
Cleaning cloths, pads, gloves, and bags
Some of the cleaning product refills
Loo rolls and some sanitary ware
More sanitary ware and more refills
Sanitary ware, food wraps, joss sticks, Weleda, Angie B, Lyonsleaf, Yaoh, etc beauty products
Scented candles, firelighters, baking papers, foils & food bags
Hair shampoos & conditioners, deodorants, soaps, and more beauty products & ingredients
Body washes, toothpastes, soaps & loofahs
Baby products, tissues, cotton wool pads, toothbrushes, sun creams & blocks, insect repellants, epsom & Himalayan bath salts
Greetings cards by local artists
Books by local authors
More greetings cards by local artists
Our vegetable stands have an ever changing array of fruit & vegetables, all either organically grown or locally grown without chemicals
Our fridges and freezer hold a wide range of fresh and frozen products, including many locally produced