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It’d help if you did…


Could be this be your fairtrade step? 


Equal Exchange fairtrade coffee now in stock. Which will you choose: heaven on earth or hidden treasure? 😉

Being an ethical sort of organisation we’re pulling out all the stops to support Fairtrade fortnight 2012, which starts today! 


This means that we’re going to be encouraging YOU to take an extra step to suport those millions of people in developing countries that depend on farming but are trapped in poverty. By choosing to buy a fairtrade product you can help to offer farmers and workers fairer wages and safer conditions, plus invest in projects to improve their communities.


And it’s not hard: in fact it could be a positively wonderous experience, especially with some of these delicious fairtrade bananas that we have in stock right now. On special offer too! See you in the morning?


What’ll you have with yours? Lemon and sugar? Maple syrup? Something chocolatey? 😉

Tokens of love never go amiss, and we have a wonderful selection of edible treats here for you as Valentines day approaches…


… these heart shaped spelt biscuits are both healthy and delicious…


… Divine fair trade chocolate hearts help spread the love a little wider… 


…and Pukka’s fragrant love tea with organic rose should warm a few cockles!

We’re proud to announce that Zaytoun Palestinian fair trade products have arrived in Bruton!


Zaytoun is a Community Interest Company founded in 2004 create and develop a UK market for artisan Palestinian produce. Members of the World Fair Trade Organisation, they launched the worlds first ever Fairtrade olive oil in 2009, and we now have this in stock in Bruton Wholefoods. Zaytoun’s olive oil won ‘commended’ and ‘commended by consumer’ in the Soil Association organic food awards 2011, so we hope you like it too.


Since 2004 the Zaytoun range has extended, and we’re now also stocking a range including their premium ‘Om Al-Fahem’ almonds (including honey roasted and smoked flavours), and organic tree ripened black olives. 


We also have Zaytoun’s organic matfoul (cous cous). It looks good: large grained, wholewheat, sundried and reputedly with a nutty flavour: we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on it!

If you’d like to know more about the products, ethics, awards etc do check out Zaytoun’s website at:, but in the meantime – why not just come in and try some?!


… we’re getting low! Got any to spare? We’d love them!

Thank you 🙂

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