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In case you haven’t seen, we have a wonderful array of Easter treats in store, including fairtrade, organic, gluten free, dairy free, GM free, vegan, carob, no added sugar, dark, milk, and white chocolate eggs, in a variety of sizes. Not to mention chocolate chicks, and of course hot cross buns from our local Taylors bakery!

Our opening hours (and vegetable deliveries) over the Easter weekend will be as follows, so we look forward to seeing you then!

Bruton Wholefoods Easter 2015

And we’ve got lots of lovely treats in store for you!

Just a bit of Booja-Booja…

… plenty of other sweet treats, including Cocoa-Loco Sloe Gin Truffles, Mulu Raw Chocolate Stars, Montezuma’s Christmas Truffles, Raw Chocolate Mulberries, Turron, Divine chocolate Christmas trees, Chocolate Mango and of course Chocolate Penguins by Cocoa-Loco …

… some wonderful toiletries, including these gift packs from Faith in Nature and Weleda …

… incense and candles with festive scents …

… gift-worthy teas …

… nibbles galore ….

… classic Christmas treats, sometimes with a twist …

… spices, including those special enough to give as gifts…

… and always choices for those who want a ‘free-from’ option.

Come and check out our amazing product range now!

We’ve been busy stocking the shop with lots of festive treats:

Bruton Wholefoods 39

plenty of baked goods including some that are organic, gluten-free and/or dairy-free

baking ingredients, for those of you who’d rather bake your own

presents for those with a sweet tooth, again including organic, fairtrade, and dairy free treats

some great tinned sets, for edible presents with a lasting presence

and gifts with a difference, including locally made luxuries

and some generally good things!

Hamper, anyone?!

Thought we’d give you a hint of just a few of the goodies we have in store to help you solve your festive shopping challenges!


Chocolates for the young at heart, including: milk chocoate coins and organic fairtrade chocolate buttons in tree-ready handcrafted boxes.


Mandarin and ginger extra dark chocolate, or a selection pack from Green and Blacks, or dark chocolate ginger, all organic and fairtrade. 


Organic fairtrade drinks: hot chocolate, or Grumpy Mule coffee (is there a message in that one?)


Wonderful baked goods: mince pies and gingerbread reindeers by Taylors traditional (and local) bakers, or organic panettone, stollen and cantuccini for a more continental flavour.

Plus lots more of course: do come and see!


Amazing lemons from Riverford, plus plums, apples, and fairtrade bananas.


These peas from Charles Dowding are so fresh and young we’ve been eating them whole, either lightly cooked or raw: completely delicious. Also fresh, wet garlic, french beans, and some beautiful onions.


As you’d expect we can offer you a great variet of chocolate eggs, including mini eggs from Montezuma (milk or dark, with almond praline)


Green & Blacks: butterscotch milk chocolate or dark chocolate with peppermint


Large or medium sized fairtrade eggs from Divine, including a white chocolate egg


Speckled mini eggs (or of course milk or dark) also from Divine


A fairtrade ‘Beano bubble’ egg plus chocolate bar for the menaces in your life


Milk chocolate Easter bunnies


And even organic dairy free eggs: what more could you want?


A real egg or two? No problem!

A little video!


Either way you’ve a choice: both Clipper’s green tea and Pukka vanilla chai are both fairtrade (and organic). 


Something substantial here to set you up for the weekend: Goodlife vegetarian frozen foods. All made with natural ingredients by those lovely people at Goodlife and waiting for you in our freezer.

Meat free, dairy free, and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. We have root vegetable roasts, nut cutlets, and spicy bean quarterpounders in stock now.

And of course, this being #fairtradefortnight, they’re all fairtrade products and so could be your fairtrade step of the day….



So how can we not showcase this Equal Exchange coffee, which is Fairtrade AND grown by women farmers?!

Furthermore there’s a choice of ground or whole beans, decaf or full caf, medium or full roast, and all organic. In stock now 🙂

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