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Just wanted to share this WONDERFUL Christmas card we received…

Bruton Wholefoods Christmas card

Unfortunately we didn’t actually have a portable outlet delivering to the whole world on Christmas Day, but maybe it should be our aim?

Maybe we’ll stick with ‘Veggies For All’ in 2015! 😉

And thank you so much Toby, Celine, Charlie, Arion and Ellie – we love you too! x

Happy New Year everyone!

And we’ve got lots of lovely treats in store for you!

Just a bit of Booja-Booja…

… plenty of other sweet treats, including Cocoa-Loco Sloe Gin Truffles, Mulu Raw Chocolate Stars, Montezuma’s Christmas Truffles, Raw Chocolate Mulberries, Turron, Divine chocolate Christmas trees, Chocolate Mango and of course Chocolate Penguins by Cocoa-Loco …

… some wonderful toiletries, including these gift packs from Faith in Nature and Weleda …

… incense and candles with festive scents …

… gift-worthy teas …

… nibbles galore ….

… classic Christmas treats, sometimes with a twist …

… spices, including those special enough to give as gifts…

… and always choices for those who want a ‘free-from’ option.

Come and check out our amazing product range now!

Thought we’d give you a hint of just a few of the goodies we have in store to help you solve your festive shopping challenges!


Chocolates for the young at heart, including: milk chocoate coins and organic fairtrade chocolate buttons in tree-ready handcrafted boxes.


Mandarin and ginger extra dark chocolate, or a selection pack from Green and Blacks, or dark chocolate ginger, all organic and fairtrade. 


Organic fairtrade drinks: hot chocolate, or Grumpy Mule coffee (is there a message in that one?)


Wonderful baked goods: mince pies and gingerbread reindeers by Taylors traditional (and local) bakers, or organic panettone, stollen and cantuccini for a more continental flavour.

Plus lots more of course: do come and see!

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