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Thought you might like to see our Christmas and New Year opening times and fruit & vegetable deliveries.

Bruton Wholefoods

Plus some of the goodies we have in store!

Can’t resist sharing a few pictures of some of the fantastic fruit and veg we’ve got in the shop this week – they’re so beautiful!

In fact the whole of that vegetable stand is looking fantastic!

Bruton Wholefoods

So delighted this week to see lots of lovely new vegetables arriving from Riverford Organics! Great to have the first asparagus, broad beans, spring onions, flat beans, and jerusalem artichokes in the shop.

We’ve also got a fantastic selection of fresh herbs and spices, with coriander (either loose or still growing in it’s pot), fresh turmeric root, marjoram and several varieties of basil. Plus the freshest salad ingredients you’ll find: pea shoots still growing and ready for you to snip just when you need them! Our pots of herbs are grown specially for us in Lusty Farm, Bruton, and so could hardly be more local.

And don’t forget we still have big favourites: spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli and curly green kale in too: grab them while you can!

This autumn we’ve had some great veg

some amazing fruit

some fantastic produce that’s either local or with local links

Bruton Wholefoods 14

and a new chiller and shelving!

All looking good: do pop in if you haven’t seen it yet!

And the great, fresh produce keeps on coming in! Here are just a few of the locally grown or organic goodies we’ve had in this month.

Plant it on and grow your own basil

Plant it on and grow your own basil

Organic carrots

Organic carrots

Organic graffiti aubergines and locally grown courgettes

Organic graffiti aubergines and locally grown courgettes

Locally grown tomatoes

Locally grown tomatoes

Organic cherries

Organic cherries


Our first vegetable delivery of 2013, and we’re pleased to say the shelves are looking good again!

Happy New Year! 


Lots of lovely fruit and veg in now, with Charles Dowding’s locally grown tomatoes, salad leaves, fennel, beetroots, carrots and some wonderful produce from Riverford Organics too.


And our shelves are looking lovely!


Amazing lemons from Riverford, plus plums, apples, and fairtrade bananas.


These peas from Charles Dowding are so fresh and young we’ve been eating them whole, either lightly cooked or raw: completely delicious. Also fresh, wet garlic, french beans, and some beautiful onions.


These superb young beetroot are really two veggies in one: the tops are delicious, as well as the roots. Locally grown by Charles Dowding.


Asparagus from Charles Dowding or Riverford Organics.


Really tasty tomatoes from Riverford right now.


This class run by one of our favourite growers, Charles Dowding, sounds great. Lunch At The Chapel too!

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