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Bruton Wholefoods 5

Harvest time is truly here, so a quick glimpse of some of the produce we’ve had in the shop.

Bruton Wholefoods 1

Bruton Wholefoods 6

Tia’s beans, and tomatoes, grown locally in Hadspen.

Bruton Wholefoods 4

Olivia’s eggs, which travelled a few meters, not miles to get here.

Bruton Wholefoods 3

Honey on the comb (and some off the comb) from Chris just a few miles away in Castle Cary.

Bruton Wholefoods 2

Some wonderful plums.

Bruton Wholefoods 7

And the ultimate in value: some free crab apples!

And the great, fresh produce keeps on coming in! Here are just a few of the locally grown or organic goodies we’ve had in this month.

Plant it on and grow your own basil

Plant it on and grow your own basil

Organic carrots

Organic carrots

Organic graffiti aubergines and locally grown courgettes

Organic graffiti aubergines and locally grown courgettes

Locally grown tomatoes

Locally grown tomatoes

Organic cherries

Organic cherries

We’ve some lovely fresh vegies, like this beautiful pak choi, some green garlic, and lovely new potatoes!




And what with the summer finally arriving, we’ve been doing pretty well with our sun products (and ice lollies) too.



Not to mention chilli and tomato plants grown by Tia – they’re shifting pretty quickly though, so get here fast if you want some!



Great to see that Tia Cusden has now got her Wild Garden website up and running, so we can give you more of a glimpse into the origins of her wonderful salads and herbs.


In the beginning of the season Tia’s produce was grown under glass, but as you can see she’s now in full production outdoors, in the famous ‘parabola’ walled garden at Hadspen House.


Tia’s bringing fresh salad and herb bags into us at Bruton Wholefoods twice a week now, midday-ish on Mondays and Thursdays, but they’re in great demand so don’t leave it too long to pop in or you might find they’ve all sold out!


The contents of the salad bags change according to what’s best on the day – this week we’ve been delighted to find Heartsease violets brightening up our salad bowls!


We’re sad not to have Charles’ leaves any more, but new for 2013 are these lovely local leaves grown in Hadspen by Tia Cusden!

Following in Charles’ footsteps Tia will also be supplying us with an ever changing seasonal mix of leaves. At the moment these will include some or all of: red and white mustard, mizuna, salad rocket, chinese cabbage, raddichio, mibuna, pea and broad bean tips, chervil, komatsuma, lettuces, endive, soil grown watercress, radish leaves, pe tsai, and parsley.

Tia grows her leaves without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in organic compost with a little added seaweed. Perfect!

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