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Lots of lovely fruit and veg in now, with Charles Dowding’s locally grown tomatoes, salad leaves, fennel, beetroots, carrots and some wonderful produce from Riverford Organics too.


And our shelves are looking lovely!


Amazing lemons from Riverford, plus plums, apples, and fairtrade bananas.


These peas from Charles Dowding are so fresh and young we’ve been eating them whole, either lightly cooked or raw: completely delicious. Also fresh, wet garlic, french beans, and some beautiful onions.


These superb young beetroot are really two veggies in one: the tops are delicious, as well as the roots. Locally grown by Charles Dowding.


Asparagus from Charles Dowding or Riverford Organics.


Really tasty tomatoes from Riverford right now.


This class run by one of our favourite growers, Charles Dowding, sounds great. Lunch At The Chapel too!


Tree spinach: so fresh it’s still growing (just plant it out in your garden for many months worth of vibrant leaves to add to your salads), by Steph Hafferty


Sea kale, locally grown by Charles Dowding


Lovely new potatoes from Riverford Organics



Asparagus and tomatoes

New stock in at least twice a week now, so pop in and see us soon!


You’ll need to grab them quick though!


and he’s brought us bags of his delicious mixed salad leaves


and some beautiful bunches of mixed kales


the difficulty will be in deciding whether to put them in a vase or eat them – but better buy them first because they won’t be here long! 😉


We had quite a stir in the shop this morning when Charles Dowding bought in his latest vegetable delivery: it included a parsnip that was over 3 foot long! This is all the more amazing when Charles explained that it was grown in one of the ‘no dig’ beds that he has pioneered.

Having loosened the parsnip by just a spade’s depth to release it from the soil, he managed to just pull it up, proving how loose the soil must be to quite deep down despite not having been dug for years (except by worms). Impressive!

If you want to read more about Charles’ no-dig gardening experiments you can do so on his website, or of course by buying one of his books (which we have in the shop). 


 Jupiter apples from Charles Dowding, onions from John Rowsell, and these beautiful Romano peppers from Riverford Organics.

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