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A little video!


Either way you’ve a choice: both Clipper’s green tea and Pukka vanilla chai are both fairtrade (and organic). 


Something substantial here to set you up for the weekend: Goodlife vegetarian frozen foods. All made with natural ingredients by those lovely people at Goodlife and waiting for you in our freezer.

Meat free, dairy free, and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. We have root vegetable roasts, nut cutlets, and spicy bean quarterpounders in stock now.

And of course, this being #fairtradefortnight, they’re all fairtrade products and so could be your fairtrade step of the day….



So how can we not showcase this Equal Exchange coffee, which is Fairtrade AND grown by women farmers?!

Furthermore there’s a choice of ground or whole beans, decaf or full caf, medium or full roast, and all organic. In stock now 🙂


You WILL take a step for fairtrade fortnight (if we have our not so evil way!)

This rice is definitely nice: organic, fairtrade and basmati; plus organic fairtrade sesame seeds.


You will of course have noticed the wide array of spices and herbs we have on sale in Bruton Wholefoods – did you know that some of them are organic and fairtrade? These include ground ginger, black peppercorns, ground cinnamon, and turmeric.


We can now offer you fairtrade versions of both organic golden syrup and pure organic blackstrap molasses


No excuse for not taking this step!



Time for a treat: these Essential organic fairtrade chocolate spreads should do! 

AND they’re sustainably produced in Ghana without the use of slave or child labour, and no GMOs or artificial additives. So you can #takeastep for #fairtradefortnight along with your indulgent creamy swirl… perfect!

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